Save on the cost of payments to family and friends

Control your family outgoings - and save 60-80% of your transfer costs.

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Pension and Insurance

If you are away working overseas and saving to retire back home, we can cut the cost of your monthly contributions towards your pension, insurance, savings and investment plans - leaving you more income to spend now.

We can set up all your regular payments and then make them for you, with savings made every month which build up over time to be a very significant total sum saved.

Dependent relatives

One of the worries about living and working overseas is that you have family and loved ones far away at home.

HyperWire can make your life simpler with quick and cost effective solutions to make all the payments you require to provide for your dependents.

We can set up all your recipients in advance to receive regular third party payments made overseas, such as to care facilities or nursing agencies.

As with all regular payments these can be discussed and planned with us and currency bought forward to maximize your cost savings.

University or College fees and allowances

HyperWire payments are perfect for paying education fees and student living allowances. These outgoings are predictable, and you can take maximum advantage when rates are good to lock them in for future payments.

It doesn’t matter if it is your children who are students overseas or you are an expatriate with fees to pay in the United Kingdom or elsewhere–either way you save.

Family back home?

family home

It is surprising how many people travelling and working overseas still use needlessly expensive methods to make regular payments home to family. HyperWire can save you 60% or more of the cost of a Western Union transfer.