HyperWire Debit Cards bring a world of options and savings.

Our Debit Cards provide a flexible approach to making payments and accessing cash in UK or abroad.

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Account holders can make transfers online quickly, locking in our market beating rates.

Our user friendly account area provides all the tools you will need.

Save up to 90% of High Street costs now!

Dealing - Phone

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Give our friendly dealers a call 24 hours a day and let them give you the best rates, advice and personal service in the market.

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Personal Debit Card

HyperWire Debit cards offer cash withdrawls in UK or from 29 million ATMs worldwide in a number of currencies - a safe and secure alternative to travel cheques, or traveling overseas with wads of cash.

Online Account Login

HyperWire cardholders have access to a state of the art online banking tool.

Our online cardholder area can be accessed via desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

The portal is an easily customisable but comprehensive and elegant interface that provides many tools which enable you to:

1. View balance and Transaction history

2. Access/View a virtual card

3. Update Personal information

4. Top up your card

5. Card2Card Transfers

6. Report card lost or stolen

7. Upload/Manage KYC documents

8. Retrieve PIN and much more ...

Virtual Cards

We understand the importance of instant satisfaction - Virtual cards can be used for online purchases, telephone purchases, or recurring payments.

Our Virtual card is an instantly issued on-screen image of a prepaid card, and we provide an online banking facility so that you can view your card account data and view all information about payments and receipts onto your virtual card.

If you want to convert a Virtual Card to a real one we can enable your card at any time and deliver a chip and PIN plastic card to you which will work in ATM's and point of sale in exactly the same was as a bank issued card.

Brilliant Business Solutions





HyperWire prepaid debit cards are an ideal corporate payment tool for Payroll, Employee Incentive, Employee Expenses, Fuel Cards, Lunch vouchers, Customer rewards, Employee refunds, Insurance Payments.

Whatever your corporate needs, HyperWire has the right prepaid card program for you. HypeWire can deliver cards branded specially for your company, set up and ready to go in just a few weeks.

How do HyperWire prepaid cards work?

HyperWire prepaid cards function similarly to credit and debit cards but without a bank account, interest and credit advancing. Our re-loadable prepaid cards can be used at over 29 million locations worldwide accepting MasterCard for purchases.

Cards use chip and PIN technology and worldwide ATM cash withdrawals are available. With such a flexible payment product the benefits and oppurtunities are endless. No matter the sector of business you operate, HyperWire is able to enhance your payment options with an adapted prepaid card solution.

Improve cash management

A prepaid card program will remove money transfer problems by facilitating international payroll, commission payouts, and various payment solutions. Our cards provide an elegant solution for paying smaller foreign subcontractors and outworkers.

Attract new customers and increase loyalty

Prepaid cards are a great way to reach new customers and enhance your retention and loyalty for your existing ones. You will benefit from increased customer and member loyalty by providing more secure and more convenient access to cash, bonuses and other payments.

Comprehensive Back Office Systems

With your prepaid card program HyperWire provides you with a full service web-based back office to give access and manage all the day to day needs of your own card program. Issuing cards, Loading cards, uploading KYC, viewing cardholders individual information, managing your multiple program needs, and much more can be achieved by logging in to your own Back office. HyperWire corporate solutions allow you to design different levels of administrative security access user logins to the back office for the different roles and responsibilities of the employees accessing the platform. With over 15 years of experience we have embedded all the necessary tools and more to enable effective card program management and give you the independence and peace of mind you need to manage the day to day operations of your program through a user friendly interface.